A New Conflict Detection Tree Structure in the Firewall Rule Set

Vũ Duy Nhất, Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng


Firewall is a network security device that uses rules to control incoming and outgoing network traffic. Configuring firewall rules is a very difficult task even for network security experts, especially for complex networks. Mistakes made in the configuration process will cause two damaging effects: (i) affecting the security of the network that needs protection, and (ii) reducing the performance of the firewall device. This article will introduce a Conflict Detection Tree (CDT) structure that effectively detects all conflicts in a firewall rule set. The accuracy and effectiveness of the CDT structure is presented and substantiated in the article. The proposed CDT structure has been implemented and tested with real data.

DOI: 10.32913/rd-ict.vol3.no40.478


Firewall, network security, firewall rules, conflict, security policy.


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