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Research and Development on Information and Communication Technology (RD-ICT), (ISSN 1859-3534 for the English publication, ISSN 1859-3526 for the Vietnamese publication), is a scientific publication of the Journal of Information and Communication Technology, published by Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications since 1999. It is peer-reviewed, open-access, and published three times a year. The purpose of RD-ICT is to provide a forum for researchers and professionals to disseminate original and innovative ideas in the fields of information technology, communications and electronics in Vietnam and worldwide. Its Editorial Board is composed of renowned scientists from research institutions throughout Vietnam and other countries.

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  • Computer Science
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  • Big Data Information Technology
  • Micro-electronics Technology
  • Network and Internet Technology
  • Radio & Broadcasting Technology
  • Mobile Communications Technology

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The listed articles have been review-coordinated and accepted by RD-ICT Area Editors, but not edited by RD-ICT. Their contents may change prior to final publication.

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Article (Vietnamese)

Phương pháp cải tiến LSTM dựa trên đặc trưng thống kê trong phát hiện DGA botnet
Van Van Tong, Hieu Dinh Mac, Tung Trong Bui, Duc Quang Tran, Giang Linh Nguyen