Vol 2, No 15 (2018)

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A Hybrid Tabu Search-Based Artificial Immune Algorithm for Construction Site Layout Optimization PDF
Vu Duc Quang, Nguyen Van Truong, Vu Thi Thuy, Hoang Xuan Huan
Comparison of Resampling Methods on Different Remote Sensing Images for Vietnam’s Urban Classification PDF
Pham Tuan Dung, Man Duc Chuc, Nguyen Thi Nhat Thanh, Bui Quang Hung, Doan Minh Chung
Compact Wide-Band and Low Mutual Coupling MIMO Metamaterial Antenna using CPW Feeding for LTE/Wimax Applications PDF
Duong Thi Thanh Tu, Nguyen Tuan Ngoc, Vu Van Yem
Some Methods for Posterior Inference in Topic Models PDF
Xuan Bui, Tu Vu, Khoat Than
Space-Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation Based on Golden Code PDF
Tien Dong Nguyen, Xuan Nam Tran, Vu Duc Ngo, Minh Tuan Le