Social Network Recommendations for Friends with Neo4j Graph Database

Ứng dụng cơ sở dữ liệu đồ thị Neo4j xây dựng hệ thống khuyến nghị kết bạn trên mạng xã hội

  • Thuy Pham Thi Thu Nha Trang University
  • Thanh Nguyen Thi Thai
  • Hwa Soo Kim
Keywords: Social Network, Graph Database, Neo4j, Recommendation, Truth algorithm


In recent years, along with the development of the internet, the number of social network users is increasing day by day. Through social networks, users can share, exchange information or make friends with each other. However, with new relationships, users often have a need to assess the credibility of a new friend before making friends on social networks. This paper proposes a friend recommendation system on social networks based on how to calculate the reliability between users. The recommendation system is implemented using the Neo4j graph database. The results of the truth algorithm proposed in this paper are higher than other similar algorithms.


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