Một thuật toán định tuyến cân bằng năng lượng trong mạng cảm biến không dây dựa trên SDN

An Energy-Balanced Routing Algorithm in SDN-based Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Huy Lê Đức
  • Binh Le Huu University of Sciences, Hue University
  • Công Đỗ Thành
  • Giang Nguyễn Đỗ Hoàng
Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, energy-balanced routing, software-defined network


In wireless sensor networks (WSN), it is necessary to use energy efficiently to extend the operating time of sensor nodes. In this study, we propose a routing algorithm that considers the energy consumption between sensor nodes. The goal of the proposed algorithm is to balance energy consumption and minimize the number of nodes that must consume a large amount of energy to increase their uptime. Our method constructs a weight function for wireless links that contains parameters for the energy remaining at the nodes. Then, a centralized routing mechanism based on a software-defined network (SDN) architecture is used to find the best weight route for data transfer. Simulation results on OMNeT++ show that the proposed algorithm increases the uptime of nodes and network throughput compared to the current popular routing algorithms.


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