Giải pháp hiệu quả đảm bảo nhất quán dữ liệu chia sẻ phân tán trên nền tảng P2P có cấu trúc

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There are certain difficulties in ensuring the consistency of data sharing and distribution on structured P2P substrate because of the requirements of simultaneous processing interacted by many users and peer's input/output or updated speed. This paper presents a high effective solution which is proposed for structured P2P substrate, uses the updated dissemination tree and proposes a method using buffer and index vectors in order to "condition" between the requests and processes of updating. The experimental results conducted on Oversim are aimed at comparing the efficiency of new proposed solution with that of Nakashima. The experimental results indicate that the new proposed is highly effective in ensuring the consistency (over 90%) and satisfies the requirements of latency of update propagation. Especially, in case the peer’s input/output or updated speed is high, the new proposed also achieve greater efficiency.


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