Fuzzy Distance Based Attribute Reduction in Decision Tables

  • Cao Chinh Nghia Tạp chí CNTT&TT
  • Vu Duc Thi
  • Nguyen Long Giang
  • Tan Hanh
Keywords: Fuzzy rough set, fuzzy decision table, fuzzy equivalence relation, fuzzy distance, attribute reduction, reduct


In recent years, fuzzy rough set based attribute reduction has attracted the interest of many researchers. The attribute reduction methods can perform directly on the decision tables with numerical attribute value domain. In this paper, we propose a fuzzy distance based attribute reduction method on the decision table with numerical attribute value domain. Experiments on data sets show that the proposed method is more efficient than the ones based on Shannon’s entropy on the executed time and the classification accuracy of reduct.

Author Biography

Cao Chinh Nghia, Tạp chí CNTT&TT
thông tin di động, MIMO


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