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Research and Development on Information and Communication Technology (MIC ICT Research), (ISSN 1859-3534 for the English publication, ISSN 1859-3526 for the Vietnamese publication), is a scientific publication of the Journal of Information and Communication Technology, published by Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communications since 1999. It is peer-reviewed, open-access, and published three times a year. The purpose of ICT Research is to provide a forum for researchers and professionals to disseminate original and innovative ideas in the fields of information technology, communications and electronics in Vietnam and worldwide. Its Editorial Board is composed of renowned scientists from research institutions throughout Vietnam and other countries.

R&D areas covered

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Soffware Engineering
  • Big Data Information Technology
  • Micro-electronics Technology
  • Network and Internet Technology
  • Radio & Broadcasting Technology
  • Mobile Communications Technology

Benefits of having a paper published in ICT Research

  • ICT Research is open-access, its electronic version is available at
  • Professional editing is provided free-of-charge.
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Special Feature

Vol 2019, No 1: English articles

Table of Contents

Article (English)

Diagonal Space Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation PDF
Nguyễn Tiến Đông, Trần Xuân Nam, Lê Minh Tuấn
SSG - A Solution to Prevent Saturation Attack on the Data Plane and Control Plane in SDN/Openflow Network PDF
Đặng Văn Tuyên, Trương Thu Hương
Performance Analysis of Repeated Index Modulation with Coordinate Interleaving over Nakagami-m Fading Channel PDF
Lê Thị Thanh Huyền, Trần Xuân Nam
Matchmaking for Multi-Cloud Marketplace Application PDF
Huỳnh Hoàng Long, Nguyễn Hữu Đức, Lê Trọng Vĩnh
Performance Comparison of Dynamic Elastic Optical Networks with Optical Regeneration PDF
Lê Hải Châu, Đặng Hoài Bắc
Effect of Multi-site Variabilities on Electrovestibulography: Environmental and Physical Factors PDF
Brian J. Lithgow, Zahra Moussavi
An Ensemble Co-Evolutionary based Algorithm for Classification Problems
Vũ Văn Trường, Bùi Thu Lâm, Nguyễn Thành Trung