Surveying Some Metaheuristic Algorithms For Solving Maximum Clique Graph Problem

  • Phan Tấn Quốc TS Phan Tấn Quốc - Khoa CNTT - ĐH Sài gòn: Mobi: 0918178052. Email:
Keywords: Maximum clique problem, social networks, heuristic algorithm, metaheuristic algorithm, DIMACS, soft computing


Maximum clique graph problem is a combinatorial optimization problem that has many applications in science and engineering such as social networks, telecommunication networks, bioinformatics, etc. Maximum clique is a problem of class NP-hard. There are many approaches to solving the maximum clique graph problem such as algorithms to find exact solutions, heuristic algorithms, metaheuristic algorithms, etc. In this paper, we survey the approach to solving the maximum clique graph problem in the direction of metaheuristic algorithms. We evaluate the quality of these research based on the experimental data system DIMACS. Our survey can be useful information for further research on maximum clique graph problems.