CIA4CS: A Method for Change Impact Analysis of C\# projects

  • Viet Tran VNU-University Of Engineering And Technology
  • Loan Nguyen Thi Mai
  • Kien Doan Duc
  • Nguyen Ha Trang
  • Le Van Huy
  • Pham Ngoc Hung
Keywords: change impact analysis, C# project, Wave-CIA


Change Impact Analysis (CIA) is a common method for identifying the potential effects of a change in software on other components. This solution has been made to analyze the impact of code changes in different languages like Java, C/C++, etc. Despite the popularity of C# in the software industry, there has not been any CIA method for C# projects. This paper proposes a new method, named CIA4CS, for performing static CIA in C# projects. The key idea of the method is to construct a dependency graph by doing static code analysis. This enables the use of Wave-CIA, a CIA method leveraging dependency graphs. We have implemented CIA4CS in a tool named CIA4CS Tool and performed some experiments with some C# projects. The results show the ability to analyze project components, their dependencies, and the impacted components between two given versions of a certain project with acceptable memory and time usage. Finally, we give some discussions about the experimental results.