A New Localized Multi-Constraint QoS Routing Algorithm

  • Tran Minh Anh Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology
  • Nguyen Chien Trinh Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology
Keywords: Localized algorithm, packet delay, packet loss, quality of service (QoS), multi-constraint routing.


The scheme of Quality of Service (QoS) routing algorithms based on local state information has recently been proposed as an alternative approach to the traditional QoS routing algorithms. By implementing this localized QoS routing algorithm, each source node predetermines and maintains a set of candidate paths for each destination. These sets of paths will help the source node to decide the most appropriate path for a connection request. Hence, it helps to avoid the problems associated with the maintenance of the global network state information. In this paper, we propose a new and effective localized QoS routing algorithm, compare its performance with those of other localized algorithms and a traditional QoS routing algorithm under the same type of network topology, QoS requirements and traffic patterns. The simulations results show that our proposed algorithm can perform better than other routing algorithms.

DOI: 10.32913/rd-ict.vol3.no14.258


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