A Novel Spectrum Sensing Without Channel State Information Using Estimated Parameters

  • Pham Duy Phong
  • Dang Trung Chinh
  • Vu Van Yem


this  paper  develops  a  spectrum  sensing technique using multiple antenna and energy detector in cognitive  radio.  The  conventional  spectrum  sensing techniques  using  multiple  antennas  such  as  maximum ratio  processing  (MRP),  Equal  Gain  Combining (EGC)…  require  channel  state  information  (CSI)  to combine  received signal at each antenna. In practice, it is complicate and requires time to obtain CSI. Recently, some  methods  performing  spectrum  sensing  without CSI  have  been  proposed.  However,  these  methods  do not  bring  desired  results  compared  with  the conventional techniques using CSI. In our research, we propose  a  new  technique  without  requiring  CSI  to combine  signals from  multiple  antennas.  The  proposed technique  brings  good  results  compared  to  the  other conventional  techniques  requiring  CSI  like  EGC.  In addition,  we  do  not  assume  exact  parameters  of  signal and noise in our simulation. The samples at the receiver are used for two purposes: estimating these parameters of noise and signal and performing spectrum sensing
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