A Method for Automated User Interaction Testing of Web Applications

  • Le Khanh Trinh
  • Vo Dinh Hieu
  • Pham Ngoc Hung


Automated user  interaction  testing  of  Web applications has  been  received  great  attentions  from the  research  community  and  industry.  Currently, several  available  tools are proposed to partly deal withthe problem.  However, how to perform the  automated user  interaction  testing  of  whole  Web  applications effectively  is  still  an  open  problem.   This  research proposes  a  method  and  develops  a  tool  supporting automated  user  interaction  testing  of  whole  Web applications.  In  this  method, the  model  of  each  Web page  of  the  Web  application  under  testing  which describes the user interaction (UI)  is  represented  by  a finite state  automaton. The whole model that describes the  behaviors  of  the  whole  Web  application  then  is constructed by composing the models  of all  Web pages. After  that,  test  paths  are generated automatically based  on  the  compositional  model  of  the  Web application  so  that  these  test  paths  cover  all  possible user interactions  of the application.  A tool supporting the proposed method has  been developed and  applied to  test  on  some  simple  Web  applications.    The experimental results show the potential  application  of this tool for automated user interaction  testing of Webapplications in practice

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