Index Assignment Optimization for Digital Communication Systems Using M-ary Modulation Schemes

  • Tran Ngoc Tuan
  • Nguyen Quoc Trung


Channel-optimized Index Assignment (IA)  of source  codewords  is a  simple  but  effective  approach  of improving  the  error  resilience  of  the  communication systems. Although IA is a type of Joint Source Channel Coding  (JSCC),  it  does  not  intervene  with  the  source codec design. So, in addition to the fact that this method can  be  used  in  designing  systems  effectively,  it  can  be also applied to the existing system. However, these prior IA  methods  have  usually  been  based  on  assuming  a Binary  Symmetric  Channel  (BSC)  and/or  single-bit error in the codeword. These assumptions are only valid when the  modulation  is binary or the  noise level in  the channel is low. In this paper, we study the IA problem in  a  more  general  case in  which  the  modulation  is  2Dsignalling M-ary  (M-ary  PSK, M-ary  QAM),  proposing the  method  to  optimize  IA  for  this  case.  Some simulations results based on this method are also given
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