A Decomposition-Based Interactive Method for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm

  • Nguye Long
  • Bui Thu Lam


Multi-objectivity has existed in many real-world optimization problems. In most multi-objective cases, objectives are often conflicting, there is no single solution being optimal with regards to all objectives. These problems are called Multi-objective Optimization Problems (MOPs). To date, there have been al large number of methods for solving MOPs including evolutionary methods (namly Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms MOEAs). With the use of a population of solutions for searching. MOEAs are naturally suitable for approximating optimal solutions (called the Pareto Optimal Set (POS) or the efficient set). There has been a popular trend in MOEAs considering the role of Decision Makers (DMs) during the optimization process (known as the human-in-loop) for checking, analyzing the results and giving the preference to guide the optimization process. This is call the interactive method.

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