CAM-D: A Description Method for Multi-Cloud Marketplace Application

Hoang-Long Huynh, Huu-Duc Nguyen, Trong-Vinh Le and Quyet-Thang Huynh

  • Huynh Hoang Long Hanoi University of Science and Technology
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Multi-cloud, Multi-cloud Marketplace, Multi-cloud Marketplace Application, Composable Application Model (CAM), Software as a Service, Description Method


Multi-cloud Marketplace facilitates to create a
diverse ecosystem for cloud software and cloud resource
services provided by many stakeholders. To leverage the
advantage of multi-cloud environment, cloud application could
be a composition of software components which are able to
be distributed across various cloud providers. So the cloud
application is therefore a complex system. Consequently, an
important key problem remained in research is to define
multi-cloud application in a particular form and to construct
his description. In this paper, we particularly focus on
developing a description method that can be taken to tackle
the lack of description for multi-cloud application by designing
description templates for CAM which was developed in
[1][2][3], called CAM-D. A completed application description
can be synthesized from individual component descriptions.
Our experimentation is expressed through the transformation
of CAM-D template to TOSCA specification illustrated by case
study. In addition, we also develop an flattening algorithm to
assist in mapping to TOSCA.